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South Africa supporting library for historic documents in Mali

Posted by worldlylibrarian on June 5, 2008

A recent budget announcement by the South African Arts and Culture Minister, Pallo Jordan, included one million Rand (about 80,000 euro) to help build a library in Timbuktu, Mali.

More than 100,000 manuscripts, some dating back to pre-Islamic times, were kept hidden by various families in private libraries in Timbuktu over the years. The documents, many written by Mali wise men coming from the Mali Empire, cover a variety of subjects including astronomy, music, and botany. Some of these documents have been moved to various libraries in the region, but others remain in private hands.

There is a comprehensive online exhibit about the documents at the Library of Congress web site.

The funds will also help in the restoration and conservation of the documents.

Original Source: Lexis Nexis/AllAfrica


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