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ALA International Relations Officer on Facebook

Posted by worldlylibrarian on June 12, 2009

Delin Guerra, the International Relations Officer for the American Librarian Association, has a Facebook page and Twitter link. Check it out!


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New blog on issues of digital stewardship

Posted by worldlylibrarian on May 26, 2009

Folks may want to check out the digital stewardship now blog, which covers issues of digital stewardship from a decidedly international standpoint. It is motivated by the UNESCO charter on preserving digital heritage.

I find this topic quite interesting, as it touches on my interests in the effect of war on libraries. Giving the same attention and protection to library documents as one gives to other forms of cultural heritage (museums, buildings, etc.) during times of conflict is essential. And, if a worse case scenario results and a collection is destroyed, at least an archived, digitized copy may be kept at something like the World Digital Library.

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IFLA blog

Posted by worldlylibrarian on January 15, 2009

Stuart Hamilton, the Senior Policy Advisor for IFLA, has started a new blog that looks quite interesting. Right now, most of the posts deal with his representation of IFLA at the Internet Governance Forum that took place earlier this month in India. Check it out!

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