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IFLA moves 2010 conference from Australia to Sweden

Posted by worldlylibrarian on July 10, 2009

IFLA recently announced that their 2010 annual conference is moving from Brisbane, Australia to Goteborg, Sweden.

The current economic crisis, and resulting fears that the Australian conference will lose money, were given as reasons for this change.

There has been some complaints about this decision, particularly on
the International Library and Information Group message boards, with concerns that IFLA may be percieved as being “Euro-centric”, and this was a good opportunity for a conference in the southern hempisphere.
As for myself, Sweden is much easier to reach from Canada than Australia is, so if nothing else it increases the chance that I will be able to attend next year…


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IFLA report on Internet Governance

Posted by worldlylibrarian on January 22, 2009

Related to my last post, IFLA has posted their report from the Internet Governance Forum, held this January in Hyberadad, India.

Among other things, the IFLA representatives raised issues such as the problems for libraries in getting internet access in third world countries, access to public information, and other topics.

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IFLA hosts cultural convergence meeting

Posted by worldlylibrarian on December 15, 2008

For the next two years, the secretariat of the International NGO Working Group on Convergence will be hosted by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. The first meeting of the group took place in November.

This group brings together agencies from across the cultural and heritage sector to work on issues that are of concern to many different fields. In addition to issues like copyright, digitization, and others, the Working Group deals with the protection and preservation of cultural heritage. This is of particular interest to me, as it relates to my research into the protection of libraries during wartime and their post-conflict restructuring.

More information on this first meeting of the Working Group (which included representatives from the International Council of Archives, the International Council of Museums, and others)  can be found on the IFLA web site.

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IFLA fund for Chinese library relief

Posted by worldlylibrarian on June 3, 2008

IFLA has set up a fund for those who want to contribute to the rebuilding and recovery of libraries in that country after the recent earthquake. There is more information on their web site, as well as an open letter (PDF) to the Secretary General of IFLA from Tang Gengsheng, Secretary general of the Library Society of China.

It appears many of the larger libraries in the area were not seriously damaged, but the smaller county and town libraries fared worse, with significant structural damage. At least one, the Beichuan County Library, collapsed during the event.

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IFLA Statement of International Cataloguing Principles up for review

Posted by worldlylibrarian on May 31, 2008

The draft IFLA Statement of International Cataloguing Principles is available for review. The project’s goal is to look at how to promote sharing of cataloguing information by promoting international standards. Thinking about cataloguing too much gives me a headache, but it’s clear that a project like this has a lot of value. If you can, have a look at the draft document. You have until June 30 to submit your comments to IFLA.

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